At Pha Le Plastics JSC, We understand that the success of our business is not only due to the company’s products, but also to the contributions of the people in the company – that is the talent. The most important thing for us.

Every member of Pha Le Plastics JSC, always take the initiative, strive to learn, strive constantly to improve ourselves, always take Company culture and 10 core values of the Company as the guideline to regulate. edit all his behavior.

High-speed, efficient and disciplined culture has instilled in all the staffs’ work, creating the synergy that makes Pha Le Plastics JSC business activities.

Diligence, enthusiasm is not only a prominent feature in the work, but also the unique culture of Pha Le Plastics JSC, in the field of cultural activities and community activities.

Promoting 10 core values, the company has launched emulation programs such as the “Green Cleaning Factory”, “Emulation Production” movement emulation of effective practice, the training campaign. create personnel, improve professional skills … The program helps employees change the way of thinking, how to work, save time and improve work efficiency.

In order to communicate in a timely manner all information of the company as well as the movement activities taking place throughout the system, “Pha Le Plastics JSC.,” Was created as a common space for employees to exchange information. and more proud of the company culture.

At Pha Le Plastics JSC, Each member identifies and considers the place as their second home, where they spend most of their daily time living and working. In any role and position, we are proud to be the person of Pha Le Plastics JSC focusing on “a great workplace,” Pha Le Plastics JSC offers opportunities for career development as well as a balance between work and life. In addition to creating a professional working environment that creates creative opportunities for employees, Pha Le Plastics JSC also offers attractive compensation and benefits and excellent working conditions. We always strive to develop the capacity of the management team – who are constantly striving to improve the business environment as well as work. We have established systems to ensure continuous professional development for our employees, and the program recognizes and rewards performance of employees as part of a culture of management. of the company.

Pha Le Plastics JSC fosters professional ethics, in which business activities are carried out in accordance with the cultural, ethical and traditional values of Vietnamese society. In addition to competitive compensation and benefits, this is one of the key factors responsible for attracting talent to the company.

Pha Le Plastics JSC always try to create the company culture to build a good working environment. In other words, the company is constantly striving to improve the working standards of every employee in the company.


We are committed to achieving sustainable growth in our business through empowered staff, acting responsibly, and building trust.

  • Reputation
  • Respect people
  • Creation
  • Leadership lead
  • Consistently
  • We must always strive
  • Speak honestly and innocently
  • The balance between short-term and long-term success
  • Victory by diversity and non-discrimination
  • Respect each other and together succeed.


The Code of Conduct demonstrates how we conduct our business properly. Code of conduct is the core of what the company behaves. Every employee in the company always adhere to and apply the code of conduct to every aspect of the work.

  • Respect at work
  • Integrity in the market
  • Ethics in business
  • Responsibility to shareholders.

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