Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is the commitment of the business to contribute to sustainable economic development, through activities aimed at improving the quality of life for workers, the community and society as a whole. both for the business as well as for the general development of society.

The concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility” is still quite new in Vietnam, but this issue is always the focus of Pha Le Plastics JSC.


With a mission to create a highly qualified, professional, motivated workforce that is dedicated to the growth and integration of the company, throughout the development process, Pha le is particularly interested. , training and improving the quality of human resources. Every year, the unit continuously organizes and facilitates employees to attend professional training courses such as enterprise management, warehouse management, business knowledge, occupational safety and health, Fire prevention, … Active reception new production technology, operation of modern production equipment.

From the right direction, the production and business of Pha le has increased, ensuring the employment and income of the next year higher than the previous year, gradually improving the working conditions for employees. ). The Pha le  leader said that in addition to the full and timely implementation of the regime for workers such as health insurance, social insurance, … Pha le also spent considerable funds for facilities, facilities Favorable conditions for staffs to participate in cultural and sports activities after working hours.

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