ELASTIC KOREA started to establish in 2010, our enterprise specializes in importing and trading in TPE manufactured from foreign multinational companies, currently we supply large quantities for industries such as automobiles, electrical appliances, electronics, construction, industrial application products, etc. In order to meet the competitive requirements from our customers, we research and develop and are currently supplying the market for new products bearing KOMER brand.

Based on the technical experience accumulated in the past, from the requirement of developing new products of our customers, we always try our best to bring the best value service.


What KOMER ?


  • Thermoset Rubber

NR, EPDM, NBR, CR, etc

  • Flexible Plastic

Nylong11, 12, PVC

  • Thermoplastic Elastomer



Thermo Plastic Elastomer have Soft Segment and Hard Segment.
KOMERTM has the same elasticity of Thermoset Rubber at room temperature and it is possible to work with a plastic molding equipment .
These rubber called TPE. You can reduce the cost because the recycling is available and a specific gravity is 20% lower than Thermo Rubber.


2010Established ELASTIC KOREA Joint Stock Company.

2011Started importing and trading in Korean market of Exxon Mobil Chemical products (USA).

2011Started selling solar cell Gasket.

2012Started research and development of Olefin KOMER products.

2013Sales of experimental KOMER.

2014Started importing and selling TPU (Mirathane) – China to the market in Korea.

2014Start researching and developing experiments selling KOMER products of SEBS series.

2015Starting to establish a representative office and sales in Vietnam.



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